The District of Port Edward provides water, sewer and garbage services to the residents of Port Edward. Residents are billed quarterly $229.50. There is an opportunity to save, a 10% discount, is offered to residents who pay their annual Utilities by March 31st.

Option A

Sign up for the pre-authorized payments. On the 20th day of each month $76.50 is taken directly from your Bank Account and applied to your Utility Bill.

  • Preauthorized Utility Form

Option B

Make payments at your own convenience, also post-dated cheques are accepted.

Note: These option do no allow for the 10% savings

  • Utility Billing Prepayment Form


  • 2019 Annual Water Report
  • 2020 Drinking Water Report
  • 2020 Annual Water Report
  • 2021 Drinking Water Report