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The District of Port Edward provides water, sewer and garbage services to the residents of Port Edward. Residents are billed quarterly $214.50, there is an opportunity to save, a 10% discount, is offered to residents who pay their annual Utilities by March 31st.

Option A

Sign up for the pre-authorized payments. On the 20th day of each month $71.50 is taken directly from your Bank Account and applied to your Utility Bill.

Preauthorized Utility Form

Option B

Make payments at your own convenience, also post-dated cheques are accepted.

Note: These option do no allow for the 10% savings

Utility Billing Prepayment Form


2019 Annual Water Report

2020 Drinking Water Report

2020 Annual Water Report

2021 Drinking Water Report

The September 2021 District Update newsletter is your source for news, announcements and recreation opportunities.