The District of Port Edward provides water, sewer and garbage services to the residents of Port Edward.

Garbage collection is every Monday except holidays (collection will be done on the next business day in the event of a Monday holiday). Garbage is to be placed in a sealed, water tight container, and put out by the curb by 8:00 am.

The following waste material will not be collected by the District and shall not be placed by any person in any of the large bins or other locations for collection by the District:

  • cardboard,
  • garden waste,
  • grass clippings,
  • leaves,
  • hedge clippings,
  • trees, rocks,
  • discarded furniture,
  • demolition or construction waste,
  • metal scraps,
  • dead animals,
  • oversized items of any kind,
  • industrial wastes,
  • prohibited wastes,
  • controlled wastes and trade wastes.