Ridley Island Work Update:

Contractors that were working the RRUC on the southern side of Ridley Island have demobilized and are offsite, and RayMont will now be beginning to assemble their plant.  Apparently the work is not expected to be obtrusive—i.e. welding, cranes, assembly, etc.—but will be required to conform to daylight working hours, i.e. 7 to 7.

In addition, some infill work will begin to occur on the causeway at the Northern end of Porpoise Harbour over the next 18 months.  This work is expected to be very intermittent as the crews lay down material, wait for it to settle, then come in and do another layer.  Bulldozer, a couple of rock trucks, road packing and rolling equipment.

Please contact the Port Authority and visit their web site regularly to stay current on ongoing developments in the region.

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